Welcome to Abundantly More! My name is Laurel, and I’ve been creating, crafting, and repurposing since I was in highschool. I have eclectic tastes, maybe borderline eccentric, and while some things have changed over there years, there is one that hasn’t …

For the Love of Neckties

It all started when I saw someone wearing a skirt made of neckties, and I was determined to make one for myself. I bought my first box of 50 assorted neckties from Ebay, and the addiction began. After sewing all night, I could proudly wear my first necktie creation for my 15th birthday, and that was just the beginning.
The necktie addiction didn’t stop there, because after that I bought boxes and boxes of necktie collections, and I’ve had many people “donate” their ties to me for random crafting purposes. I’ve owned well over 2,000 neckties in my life, and I still don’t remember ever seeing a duplicate. Skirts, teddy bears, Christmas tree skirts, tea pot covers, reupholstered chairs, quilts, aprons, and even a purse. Needless to say, I LOVE neckties, their stories, their style, and how they are all so different.
This is where Abundantly More began, as I started sewing these items for lovely customers. I started by using ties from my stash, but my tiny business reformed as people began sending me their ties from fathers, husbands, brothers, and uncles to create into memorable and sentimental pieces. Their stories touched me, and even made me cry, which was why I have been so in love with recreating everyday items into sentimental treasures.

Fast Foward To Today

My highschool/college passions have morphed into something new as I have many new endeavors on my plate. My husband and I live in Missouri with our two kids on a beautiful little farm. I still repurpose things, and I still sew – just not as many neckties right now (though … I still have quite a collection … ).
A few things I’m passionate about:
  • Creating a space where my family and friends can feel at home
  • Healthy cooking & baking
  • Cloth diapering my babies
  • Sharing my hobbies & interests with others
  • Capturing life through the lens
  • Reducing plastic in our home
  • Listening to audiobooks & podcasts
  • Trying to find a balance between decorating our home & keeping babies from tearing it apart
  • Cross-stitching in my “free-time”
  • Celebrating seasons with decor and activities
  • Grinding coffee beans and making it in any form except a regular coffee maker
  • Learning about self-sufficiency (#farmlife)
Cozy rustic corner

Thanks For Joining The Fun!

Abundantly More has taken many different forms over the years, as I’ve changed from a highschooler exploring her love of neckties and sewing, to a mom who loves to sew dresses for her daughter, and fill her day with caring for tiny humans, working a part-time job from home, and learning how to relish the simple joys. I look forward to having you join me on the journey as I make everything in my life “abundantly more”.

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