Cleaning Lessons from a Messy Me :)

Cleaning Lessons from a Messy Me :)

In the last two years, I have moved from my parents house to an apartment, from the apartment to a house, from the house to my parents house again, from my parents house to a dorm, and then back to my parents house.  Needless to say…I’ve moved a lot, and I’m terrible at it!  I fill my car so full of my ‘precious belongings’ that I can’t see out the back window, and I can never seem to duplicate the beautiful packing job where every box is labeled, and every item nicely packed away.  I throw everything into different bags and boxes that I can’t close, and throw it all in my car, shutting the door fast enough so it doesn’t all come tumbling down like the Kratt Brothers closet…:D

Since moving home ‘again’, I’ve been trying to re-organize, prioritize, and energize my space.  I have more furniture than my half of a room can fit, and my ‘hope chest’ that contains enough to start my own mansion isn’t needed in an already furnished house.

Thus, my cleaning spree has brought some new lessons for life:

#1. Your junk will take up as much space as you give it…so think small!

Think small as in storage, as in furniture, as in nick nacks, as in crafts and hobbies…if you have a space to put something, you definitely will! The only thing you need to think big on is your give away box!

So, join me as I learn how to downsize my “precious valuables”, find better ways to display them instead of store them, and make my space Abundantly More!