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Mad Mondays with Abundantly More

Mad Mondays!  Otherwise known as Mad Tuesdays this week.  My internet was acting like the Red Queen and screaming “Off with the bloody connection!!”, but I’m back!

My mad project of the week consisted of turning an ordinary box into a chalkboard box.  I purchased the chalkboard paint from Walmart, and the box was delivered to my front door via my favourite mail-order make-up samples (Birchbox).  I currently keep tea in the box, and have hence written “Drink Me” on top, in true Alice Fashion. My tea of the month is Camomile and Citrus from Mighty Leaf tea, it’s amazing.

I also spent the weekend concocting imaginative photos from my trip to Wonderland, and used my October 31st costume for one more adventure.  I should be getting the rest of the images up shortly, so keep a weather eye on the horizon!


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