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Design on a dime, Gone Mad!

Welcome to Mad Mondays!

This is my first post about my room remodel! I’ve been in the Alice in Wonderland mood recently, and have since decided to make my room wonderland! This is one of my first DIY items to get the mad hatter mood going :D.


Items used in this project:
Miscellaneous china from flea markets, thrift stores, and goodwill-$6,an old goodwill lamp-$3, an old lamp shade I had in my closet-FREE, and silicone to glue the pieces :D.

Crafty, Photography

It’ll be TEA-riffic!

Well, I don’t have one project finished by the time I have a new one started! I’ve been drilling holes in tea cups, tea pots, and plates. This project is worth around $198 on other sites, wait till you find out how much I paid to make it!


See the finished product here!!