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It’s Christmas TIEme!!!

I’m sitting here watching sappy Christmas movies, looking at the glorious glowing tree, and soaking in all of this great Christmas spirit!

Here is a great Christmas Tree Skirt, to help get you in the spirit, straight from my Necktie collection!

You can purchase it in my Etsy store, but I only have one available!!  So buy it before you have lost your chance!!!

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A Purse to “Tie” For

In reference to a very old post, where I informed you I was working on a necktie purse, I have now finished the finished product!  And, I must say it turned out quite nice!  The purse is made with ties (obviously), vinyl (that I found on clearance!), and a snap closure.  I lined the entire thing in ties, and managed to put a zippered pocket in there as well!

I’ve been subjecting this piece of art to rigorous usage the past couple of weeks, and it’s holding up really well!  So, pretty soon this gem will be hitting the Etsy market for your buying pleasure.

Don’t forget to check out my Etsy store to see what hidden treasures you may find!

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